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IFRS 9 (Estimator 9)

Post 2008 financial crisis, regulators around the world realized that history based accounting standards can be extremely misleading and a paradigm shift in accounting methodologies is needed. So, in July 2014, IASB issued IFRS 9 standard which replaced existing IAS 39 provisioning method. The IASB stated that the IAS 39 incurred cost method leads to delayed recognition of credit losses, thus a forward looking approach is being introduced.

IFRS 9 became effective worldwide on Jan 2018 and has since then posed huge challenges for accounting firms, auditors and corporations. Our strategies includes:


  • OUR ECL Estimation Methodology


  • IFRS9-Estimator – Product Features , Structural Architecture, Integration Process

  • IFRS9-Estimator – 4 Tier 24/7 Support System

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ERP software is a suite of solutions that leverage a centralized database to automate and optimize routine business processes and link various departments together in a centralized location such as accounting, HR, manufacturing, PLM, distribution and construction, to name a few.

We provides ERP solution ERP solution effectiveness depends on its user experience, workflow design, reporting tools, ability to share information and implementation options.

We keenly focus on what you want your ERP platform to accomplish after implementation, such as productivity enhancements, enhanced collaboration and centralization, real-time data gathering and more.

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Real Estate & CRM

We help people to connect on one platform to search for their desired properties worldwide. People can expand their Real Estate business by getting our solution to meet their needs and get a number of clients just in one click.

Real estate business processes involve lots of activities by lots of people. Many of our clients had trouble keeping their manual systems updated. With an overwhelming number of tasks, they struggled with keeping track of critical dates and getting things done on time. The biggest issue is the lack of a centralized workflow dashboard.

So our solutions help them to minimize the headache of being overloaded by introducing a platform where they can present themselves as an independent entity that is accessible by anyone from anywhere.

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In this Digital era, when everythign is getting digital entity, online shoppings are the most important part of people life. We are providing the solution for those who want their product on digital access. We built E-commerce stores & websites to take a place in digital life.

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Dots and lines on a map do not make a travel route. A physical trip is much more than just chaining one visit with another. It is first and foremost, a dream and expectation of wonder.

Our mission is to guide & invite you to discover the dream Lands, with our experience, on your terms, at your pace, with the people you love. We help to introuduce a local tourism entity locaaly or internationally.We help people to provodes a platform to get the complete info against tousrism and get a sheduled trip with any extra efforts.

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LMS (Learning Management System)

We provides the facility of LMS (learning management system) to help organizations to introduce their entity socially, so people can search them on single click without waiting time.
It helps for eLearning practices and consists of a server that performs the base functionality and a user interface (UI) that is operated by instructors, students and administrators.

LMS is beneficial to a wide range of organizations, including higher education institutions and corporations. The basic use of a LMS is for knowledge management (KM). KM refers to the gathering, organizing, sharing and analysis of an organization's knowledge in terms of resources, documents and people skills. However, the specific role of the LMS depends on the organization's training strategy and goals.
Our Few LMS are:

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